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Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia

Part of Plant Used: flowering tops

Extraction: steam distillation

Spec: 11ml

Lavender has been called ‘nature’s medicine chest’ as it has so many uses. While the distinctive aroma appeals to people of all ages for emotional healing, the physical properties of Lavender essential oil vary from treating burns to relieving the pain of a headache.

Product Detail

Product Detail


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Action & Method

· Burns:
topical (neat)
· Sunburn:
topical (cream)
· Insect Bites & Stings:
topical (neat)
· Headaches:
· Depression:
vaporiser, bath, massage
· Nervous Tension:
vaporiser, bath, massage
· Sleeplessness:
bath, massage, neat (pillow)
· Restlessness:
bath, massage
· Itchy Skin Conditions:
topical (cream),massage

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