Our Philosophy

At Springfields, we believe in delivering pure, natural, premium quality products free from animal testing and harsh ingredients.

We believe in ‘compassion’ for nature,purity’ of ingredients and care for your ‘well-being’.

We practice honest marketing behind the words ‘quality’ &organic’ and we are proud of the pure botanical ingredients that are a feature of every one of our products.

Our organic skincare philosophy is all about providing the skin with healthy ingredients, and this is based on what we put in our skincare as well as what we refuse to put in it.

Here is our checklist for healthy skincare: 

What we use:

√  botanical ingredients

√  natural fragrances (organic 100% pure essential oils)

√  organically certified ingredients (wherever possible)

√  active ingredients that promote the healthy function of the skin

√  pure essential oils that penetrate deeply to deliver positive benefits to your skin

√  cold pressed oils to nourish and protect the skin

What we don't use:

 χ   no parabens

 χ   no sulphates (harsh foaming agents)

 χ   no artificial fragrances

 χ   no artificial colours

 χ   no unnecessary ingredients

 χ   no synthetic ingredients

 χ   no cheap fillers

 χ  no animal ingredients

 χ  no animal testing

Welcome to Springfields, the beauty of nature.