Our Farm

North Of Mangrove Mountain on the Central Coast of NSW lays the picturesque town of Kulnura – the location of Springfields Farm.

Kulnura's name is an Aboriginal word meaning "up in the clouds", by virtue of its high altitude of up to 370 m.

Here, the air is pure, the land is pristine, and the climate is perfect…it is paradise on earth.

Springfields Farm features 20 acres of cultivated gardens, and is renowned for its spectacular flowering plant species, most notably, Camellia, Rose and Lavender.

The farm is the inspiration for our Research and Development program, which is committed to pushing the boundaries of botanical extracts for use in skin, hair and body care.

Our mission is to explore the skincare applications of the exotic and native Australian botanicals, which grow on our farm. Some of these botanicals have a traditional use in skin care, others have never been used before.

Simultaneously, we are currently investigating innovative methods of extracting botanical extracts to maximise their purity and potency. Our goal is to create the freshest, purest skincare on earth!

Our farm serves as our greatest inspiration for everything we do…it is our brand statement, ‘the Beauty of Nature’ personified.